Featured Artist: Charles deMar (1959-2014)

We are proud to be the exclusive dealer of Charles “Charlie” deMar giclée print reproductions.

Artist Charlie deMar was born in 1959 in New York. His mother, a successful textile designer, exposed him to the world of art while he was young. He started his career early, winning an art scholarship his senior year of Greenwich High School, and he then attended Parsons School of Design in NYC. In college, deMar found inspiration in illustrators like Norman Rockwell, J. C. Leyendeck, Maxfield Parrish, Bob Peak, and others which contributed to his development of his own work and style.

“The thing I love about art is that you can be yourself doing it, as in being totally original and unique.” – Charlie deMar

At the age of 21, deMar landed a job at Bill Gold Advertising in NYC (Bob Peak famously worked there with Bill Gold previously as well), creating movie advertising art. He was surrounded by talented artists and the competition was fierce. deMar worked for two decades as an illustrator for movie advertising, and movie posters, having been a part of the creative team on more than 150 movie campaigns, including posters and print and media (including The Green Mile, Dennis the Menace and On Golden Pond). When the medium transitioned towards digital artwork, deMar began intuitively creating an expansive body of fine art. His eclectic subjects range from cars to water, food, cocktails, flowers and more.


Charlie deMar has an extensive body of realistic art (similar to photorealism or hyperrealism), with subject matter that ranges from fruits that look good enough to eat to the coolest cars of the 1950s. He has been interviewed for artla Magazine and his work has been shown at The JNA Gallery in Santa Monica, CA

“I just paint whatever I want and hope people enjoy it.” – Charlie deMar

The pieces available on Artphoric have been made available through his widow, Randee deMar.

“Charlie passed away February 2014. He wanted his work to be known and appreciated. I plan to always keep his beautiful spirit and memory alive through his incredible paintings.” – Randee deMar


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