Welcome to Artphoric Fresh Art Rental Project!

Keep your home, office or studio updated with fresh artwork.
Rent today, swap in a fresh piece next season!

Art rental is a great way to get fresh art regularly, or spend some time with a piece before committing to it. Our rental contracts are on 3-month terms (3 month, 6 month, 9 months, or a whole year) Artphoric has a variety of sizes & styles to choose from. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can help find the perfect match.

We’re Earth Friendly. We build each museum quality, giclée print to order, right here in California, using inks, canvas, and wood using the latest, environmentally-friendly processes. After your contract is up, we reclaim the piece, restore it, and place it in a climate controlled storage to wait for it’s next renter. Why buy something mass produced overseas? You can rent museum quality, eco-friendly, American-made products.

Who rents art?

Interior Designers to Tech Start-ups - Law Firms to Doctors - Property Managers to Anybody with walls
The short answer is a lot of different people rent art!

Rentals / Staging / Film Sets / Photoshoots


Rentals / Home / Apts. / Executive Suites / Staging

If you are a renter who is moving soon, on a short-term lease, or staging property, you can still have art you love without committing to hauling around more stuff! Just rent for a few months and hand it back when the contract is up!

We understand if you fall in love with something and want to keep it forever. When that happens we apply 50% of your total rental fees for that piece, towards the purchase price. If it’s love at first site, and you decide to own something within the first week, we will apply 100% of your already paid fee to the total purchase price!

Home / Apts. / Executive Suites


Commercial / Offices / Restaurants and Hotels / Executive Suites

If you manage property, operations of a large corporation, or even a small office, renting art can make a big difference in the environment around you and your associates. Renting artwork is the easiest way to transform a stale environment, changing themes with the seasons or office events. You can reinforce your professional identity and corporate culture with a piece of art! And the added perk of renting art, the expense might even be used as an operating expense, reducing taxes.

Rentals / Staging / Film Sets / Photoshoots


Home / Apts. / Executive Suites


When you rent art from Artphoric:

Renting art can help you reduce taxes! Art rental can be considered an operating expense

If you love it:
50% of your rental fees apply toward purchase.
(Or if you decide in the 1st week of rental contract, 100% of rental fee applies to purchase).

Call US

Our Team is available during normal Business Hours (M-F, 9am-5pm PST) to help you find that perfect piece of art for your walls!

Phone: (310)403.2766

Email Us

Email our Curators. If you are looking for something special, please let us know. We’ll reply within 1 business day with answers and suggestions!

Email: Info@artphoric.com


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